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Video Analytics – Top Resources from GTC 21

Below are the latest developer resources and news of AI-powered video analytics from GTC 21, including top featured talks, tutorials and success stories of NVIDIA pre-trained models, Transfer Learning Toolkit, and DeepStream SDK. Learn about the latest features of these developer tools and how other top AI teams leverage these tools to fast track their AI development journey. 

The developer resources listed below are exclusively available to NVIDIA Developer Program members. Join today for free in order to get access to the tools and training necessary to build on NVIDIA’s technology platform here

On-Demand Sessions

Train Smarter, Not Harder with NVIDIA Pre-Trained models and Transfer Learning Toolkit 3.0
Speaker: Chintan Shah, Senior Product Manager, NVIDIA

Learn how the world’s top AI teams combine pre-trained models and transfer learning tools to supercharge their AI vision development.

Bring Scale and Optimization to Video Analytics Pipelines with the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK
Speaker: Chintan Shah, Senior Product Manager, NVIDIA

Watch the preview of the next version of DeepStream SDK and explore the new Graphical User Interface (GUI) and rich set of productivity capabilities.

Accelerating Azure Edge AI Vision Deployments
Speaker: Henry Jerez, CTO- Azure Edge Devices at Microsoft Azure

Learn how to leverage Azure Machine Learning and Live Video Analytics to develop AI-enabled video solutions that span from the cloud to the edge — all accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs.


Fast-Tracking Hand Gesture Recognition AI Applications with Pre-trained Models from NGC
Get step-by-step instruction on how to use pre-trained models from the NGC catalog to fine-tune, optimize, and deploy a hand-gesture recognition application using the DeepStream SDK.

Success Story

How Metropolis Development Tools Are Making an Impact 
Explore how the world’s top AI teams combine NVIDIA pre-trained models,Transfer Learning Toolkit, and the DeepStream SDK to supercharge their AI vision development and transform the world around us.

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