NVIDIA and Tencent Cloud Demonstrate XR Streaming From the Cloud

At GTC China, NVIDIA announced that Tencent Cloud demonstrated CloudXR streaming an immersive high-rise office building. NVIDIA CloudXR platform uses Tencent Cloud’s stable and efficient cloud GPU computing power to turn any end device, including head-mounted displays (HMD) and connected Windows and Android devices, into a high-fidelity XR display that can showcase professional-quality graphics.

The CloudXR platform includes the NVIDIA CloudXR software development kit, NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation software and NVIDIA AI SDKs to deliver photorealistic graphics, with the mobile convenience of all-in-one XR headsets. 

Independent software vendors from industries spanning manufacturing, architecture, media and entertainment, and healthcare are adopting the CloudXR platform and accessing it from a growing number of major edge and cloud service providers. 

The ability to stream high-fidelity experiences from the cloud removes the need for users to be tethered to workstations or external VR tracking systems. With CloudXR, professionals can now easily set up, scale and access immersive experiences from anywhere in the world. 

The key to a great XR experience is extremely low perceived latency, and a core feature of CloudXR is its ability to manage perceived latency. However, users still require fast access to the client and the server. Tencent Cloud is allowing users to access their regional data centers, which allows for ultra-low latency XR experiences.

“The CloudXR experience was amazing, it was indistinguishable from a tethered experience,” said Zhu Yi Ting, CTO of Sheencity. “CloudXR streaming from Tencent’s cloud allows us to reach even more customers with our rich immersive software package.”

NVIDIA’s early access partner, Sheencity, has deployed CloudXR on Tencent Cloud GPU Cloud Computing instances allowing them to stream high-quality VR and AR experiences to XR users across China.

Sheencity developed a smart visual design platform software named Mars, which provides software cloud services for more than 1,000 well-known design institutes and 200 architectural landscape universities. Current models are large with rich textures, and that requires the highest fidelity for design decisions. 

By viewing designs in virtual reality and changing features such as building height, facade material, color, green area, building spacing, and lighting conditions, professionals can view and compare multiple design schemes in real time.

“Tencent Cloud will work with NVIDIA to deepen the comprehensive cooperation in the VR/AR industry and create unique, high-quality immersive experiences for users anytime, anywhere,” said Song dan dan, director for Heterogeneous Computing Products at Tencent Cloud. “Super computing power combined with the performance of the cloud, we can jointly accelerate the popularization and application of VR/AR in smart life.”

Private Beta Now Available

NVIDIA is working with Tencent to make CloudXR generally available via the Tencent Marketplace. In the meantime, CloudXR is available on Tencent through a Private Beta program. Sign up now to get the latest news and updates on upcoming CloudXR releases, including the Private Beta.

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