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Performance Boosts and Enhanced Features in New Nsight Graphics, Nsight Aftermath Releases

Nsight Graphics 2022.3 and Nsight Aftermath 2022.2 have just been released and are now available to download.  Nsight Graphics 2022.3 The Nsight Graphics... 3 MIN READ
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Advanced API Performance: Vulkan Clearing and Presenting

This post covers best practices for Vulkan clearing and presenting on NVIDIA GPUs. To get a high and consistent frame rate in your applications, see all... 3 MIN READ
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Using Semaphore and Memory Sharing Extensions for Vulkan Interop with NVIDIA OpenCL

OpenCL is evolving the way it can interoperate with other APIs, such as Vulkan. This post gives you a tour of the new style of OpenCL interop, which is already... 6 MIN READ
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Writing Portable Rendering Code with NVRHI

Modern graphics APIs, such as Direct3D 12 and Vulkan, are designed to provide relatively low-level access to the GPU and eliminate the GPU driver overhead... 16 MIN READ
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Using Mesh Shaders for Professional Graphics

Mesh shaders were introduced with the Turing architecture and are shipping with Ampere as well. In this post, I offer a detailed look over mesh shader... 15 MIN READ
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Preferring Compile-time Errors over Runtime Errors with Vulkan-hpp

One of the most important aspects in professional software development is to detect errors as early as possible. Of course, the best case would be if we... 9 MIN READ