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Graphics / Simulation

Using Mesh Shaders for Professional Graphics

Mesh shaders were introduced with the Turing architecture and are shipping with Ampere as well. In this post, I offer a detailed look over mesh shader… 15 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Preferring Compile-time Errors over Runtime Errors with Vulkan-hpp

One of the most important aspects in professional software development is to detect errors as early as possible. Of course, the best case would be if we… 9 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Best Practices: Using NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing

This post gathers best practices based on our experiences so far on using NVIDIA RTX ray tracing in games. I’ve organized the tips into short… 23 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

New: Vulkan Device Generated Commands

We are releasing the VK_NV_device_generated_commands (DGC) Vulkan extension, which allows GPU generation of the most frequent rendering commands. 9 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Bringing HLSL Ray Tracing to Vulkan

This post was revised March 2020 to reflect newly added support in DXC for targeting the SPV_KHR_ray_tracing multi-vendor extension. DirectX Ray Tracing (DXR)… 9 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Optimizing Game Development with GPU Performance Events

Learn best practices for GPU performance events so that profiling tools can better navigate through complex frame rendering. 7 MIN READ