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AI / Deep Learning

NVIDIA Developer Blog 2019 Highlights

We published nearly 100 technical blogs this year on the NVIDIA Developer Blog to help developers across a variety of industries develop their GPU-accelerated… 4 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Generate Natural Sounding Speech from Text in Real-Time

This post, intended for developers with professional level understanding of deep learning, will help you produce a production-ready, AI, text-to-speech model. 12 MIN READ
Artificial Intelligence

Mixed-Precision ResNet-50 Using Tensor Cores with TensorFlow

Mixed-Precision combines different numerical precisions in a computational method. Using precision lower than FP32 reduces memory usage… 2 MIN READ
Artificial Intelligence

Tensor Ops Made Easier in cuDNN

Neural network models have quickly taken advantage of NVIDIA Tensor Cores for deep learning since their introduction in the Tesla V100 GPU last year. 6 MIN READ
Artificial Intelligence

Volta Tensor Core GPU Achieves New AI Performance Milestones

NVIDIA’s Volta Tensor Core GPU is the world’s fastest processor for AI, delivering 125 teraflops of deep learning performance with just a single chip. We’ll soon be combining 16 Tesla V100s into a single server node to create the world’s fastest computing server, offering 2 petaflops of performance. 12 MIN READ