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Designing Arithmetic Circuits with Deep Reinforcement Learning

As Moore’s law slows down, it becomes increasingly important to develop other techniques that improve the performance of a chip at the same technology process... 9 MIN READ
A large compilation of Minecraft videos that MineDojo uses to train the AI
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Building Generally Capable AI Agents with MineDojo

Using video games as a medium for training AI has become a popular method within the AI research community. These autonomous agents have had great success in... 6 MIN READ
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The Full Stack Optimization Powering NVIDIA MLPerf Training v2.0 Performance

MLPerf benchmarks are developed by a consortium of AI leaders across industry, academia, and research labs, with the aim of providing standardized, fair, and... 14 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Research: Transferring Dexterous Manipulation from GPU Simulation to a Remote, Real-World, TriFinger Task

A critical question to ask when designing a machine learning–based solution is, “What’s the resource cost of developing this solution?” There are... 12 MIN READ
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Discovering GPU-friendly Deep Neural Networks with Unified Neural Architecture Search

After the first successes of deep learning, designing neural network architectures with desirable performance criteria for a given task (for example, high... 9 MIN READ
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Enhancing Sample Efficiency in Reinforcement Learning with Nonparametric Methods

Recent developments in artificial intelligence and autonomous learning have shown impressive results in tasks like board games and computer games. However, the... 10 MIN READ