Web of wires forming geometric shapes.
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Using Network Graphs to Visualize Potential Fraud on Ethereum Blockchain

Beyond the unimaginable prices for monkey pictures, NFT's underlying technology provides companies with a new avenue to directly monetize their online... 9 MIN READ
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Running Large-Scale Graph Analytics with Memgraph and NVIDIA cuGraph Algorithms

With the latest Memgraph Advanced Graph Extensions (MAGE) release, you can now run GPU-powered graph analytics from Memgraph in seconds, while working in... 9 MIN READ
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Similarity in Graphs: Jaccard Versus the Overlap Coefficient

There is a wide range of graph applications and algorithms that I hope to discuss through this series of blog posts, all with a bias toward what is in RAPIDS... 12 MIN READ
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The Intersection of Large-Scale Graph Analytics and Deep Learning

[caption id="attachment_7202" align="alignright" width="300"] Figure 1: An example graph in which entities are represented by nodes and relationships are... 14 MIN READ
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Fast Spectral Graph Partitioning on GPUs

Graphs are mathematical structures used to model many types of relationships and processes in physical, biological, social and information systems. They are... 15 MIN READ
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CUDA 8 Features Revealed

Today I'm excited to announce the general availability of CUDA 8, the latest update to NVIDIA's powerful parallel computing platform and programming model. In... 19 MIN READ