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Explainer: What Is Federated Learning?

Federated learning makes it possible for AI algorithms to gain experience from a vast range of data located at different sites. < 1
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Federated Learning from Simulation to Production with NVIDIA FLARE

NVIDIA FLARE 2.2 includes a host of new features that reduce development time and accelerate deployment for federated learning, helping organizations cut costs... 10 MIN READ
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Using Federated Learning to Bridge Data Silos in Financial Services

Unlocking the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in financial services is often hindered by the inability to ensure data privacy during machine... 8 MIN READ
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Experimenting with Novel Distributed Applications Using NVIDIA Flare 2.1

NVIDIA FLARE (NVIDIA Federated Learning Application Runtime Environment) is an open-source Python SDK for collaborative computation. FLARE is designed with a... 14 MIN READ
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Federated Learning with Homomorphic Encryption

In NVIDIA Clara Train 4.0, we added homomorphic encryption (HE) tools for federated learning (FL). HE enables you to compute data while the data is still... 5 MIN READ
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Clara Train 3.1 Brings Secure, Enterprise-Grade Federated Learning to Developers

NVIDIA recently released Clara Train 3.1 for healthcare developers to collaborate on secure, enterprise-grade AI models. Building robust AI can be a challenge... 2 MIN READ