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Multinode Multi-GPU: Using NVIDIA cuFFTMp FFTs at Scale

cuFFTMp is a multi-node, multi-process extension to cuFFT that enables scientists and engineers to solve challenging problems on exascale platforms. 9 MIN READ
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Aligning Time Series at the Speed of Light

In this blog, we introduce rapidAligner – a CUDA-accelerated library to align a short time series snippet (query) in an exceedingly long stream of time series (subject). 10 MIN READ
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GPUs Accelerating Higher Energy Exploration at CERN

CERN is upgrading the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), which is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator ever built, to explore the new high… 2 MIN READ
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CUDA 7 Release Candidate Feature Overview: C++11, New Libraries, and More

CUDA is a parallel computing platform and programming model from NVIDIA. CUDA 7 adds support for C++11, Runtime Compilation, the new cuSolver library, and many more features. 9 MIN READ
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CUDA Pro Tip: Use cuFFT Callbacks for Custom Data Processing

Digital signal processing (DSP) applications commonly transform input data before performing an FFT, or transform output data afterwards. For example… 10 MIN READ
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10 Ways CUDA 6.5 Improves Performance and Productivity

CUDA 6.5 adds support for ARM64 systems, callback functions in the cuFFT library, improved developer tools CUDA Fortran, performance optimizations, and much more. 7 MIN READ