An up close view of a person holding a paintbrush and painting on a canvas.
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Neural Network Pinpoints Artist by Examining a Painting’s Brushstrokes

Spotting painting forgeries just became a bit easier with a newly developed AI tool that picks up style differences with precision down to a single paintbrush... 4 MIN READ
A picture of a finger with a half milimeter metasurface next to a blown-up version of the metasurface showing the optical cylinders spread out in a circular pattern.
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Researchers Create a Camera the Size of a Salt Grain Using Neural Nano-Optics

A team of researchers from Princeton and the University of Washington created a new camera that captures stunning images and measures in at only a... 4 MIN READ
3D image of a brain from 3 angles
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King’s College London Accelerates Synthetic Brain 3D Image Creation Using AI Models Powered by Cambridge-1 Supercomputer

King’s College London, along with partner hospitals and university collaborators, unveiled new details today about one of the first projects on Cambridge-1,... 5 MIN READ
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Predicting Protein Structures with Deep Learning

Solving a mystery that stumped scientists for decades, last November a group of computational biologists from Alphabet’s DeepMind used AI to predict a... 3 MIN READ
Diagram of neuroprosthesis device
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Transforming Brain Waves into Words with AI

New research out of the University of California, San Francisco has given a paralyzed man the ability to communicate by translating his brain signals into... 3 MIN READ
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Fighting Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes with Neural Networks

Targeting areas populated with disease-carrying mosquitoes just got easier thanks to a new study. The research, recently published in IEEE Explore, uses deep... 3 MIN READ