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Open Source Simulation Expands with NVIDIA PhysX 5 Release

The latest version of the NVIDIA PhysX 5 SDK is now available under the same open source license terms as NVIDIA PhysX 4 to help expand simulation workflows and... 5 MIN READ
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New Course: Introduction to Physics-Informed Machine Learning with Modulus

Learn the basics of physics-informed deep learning and how to use NVIDIA Modulus, the physics machine learning platform, in this self-paced online course. < 1
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Just Released: Modulus v22.07

Accelerate your AI-based simulations using NVIDIA Modulus. The 22.07 release brings advancements with weather modeling, novel network architectures, geometry... < 1
Computational fluid dynamics tools, such as those used in vehicle aerodynamics, can be used to evaluate the drag produced by a designed surface which has direct implications on vehicle performance.
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The Computational Fluid Dynamics Revolution Driven by GPU Acceleration

When a technology reaches the required level of maturity, adoption transitions from those considered visionaries to early majority adopters. Now is such a... 11 MIN READ
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Building Scientifically Accurate Digital Twins Using Modulus with Omniverse and AI

From physics-informed neural networks (PINNs) to neural operators, developers have long sought after the ability to build real-time digital twins with... 4 MIN READ
Framework of Modulus.
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NVIDIA Announces Modulus: A Framework for Developing Physics ML Models for Digital Twins

Today NVIDIA announced the availability of NVIDIA Modulus (previously known as SimNet), a platform to train neural networks using governing physics equations... 2 MIN READ