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Run Multiple AI Models on the Same GPU with Amazon SageMaker Multi-Model Endpoints Powered by NVIDIA Triton Inference Server

Last November, AWS integrated open-source inference serving software, NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, in Amazon SageMaker. Machine learning (ML) teams can use... 2 MIN READ
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Accelerating NVIDIA HPC Software with SVE on AWS Graviton3

The latest NVIDIA HPC SDK update expands portability and now supports the Arm-based AWS Graviton3 processor. In this post, you learn how to enable Scalable... 6 MIN READ
Figure illustrating a screenshot of an NVIDIA Riva sample virtual assistant application running on a GPU-powered AWS EC2 instance through a web browser.
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Building a Speech-Enabled AI Virtual Assistant with NVIDIA Riva on Amazon EC2

Speech AI can assist human agents in contact centers, power virtual assistants and digital avatars, generate live captioning in video conferencing, and much... 12 MIN READ
NVIDIA DOCA libraries simplify the development process of BlueField DPU applications
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Choosing a Development Environment for NVIDIA BlueField DPU Applications

Step-A  Step-B  Go get a cup of coffee...  Step-C  How often have you seen “Go get a coffee” in the instructions? As a developer, I... 7 MIN READ
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Deploy AI Workloads at Scale with Bottlerocket and NVIDIA-Powered Amazon EC2 Instances

Deploying AI-powered services like voice-based assistants, e-commerce product recommendations, and contact-center automation into production at scale is... 3 MIN READ
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Develop, Deploy, and Distribute Immersive Experiences with NVIDIA CloudXR and Amazon Web Services

Creating immersive applications with high-fidelity 3D graphics has never been more accessible thanks to recent advances in extended reality (XR) hardware and... 5 MIN READ