Startup Uses AI to Develop AR system that Understands Human Movement

Startup Octi recently raised $7.5 million to create a deep learning-based augmented reality system that understands human movement. The company says their technology allows their users to create social content and communicate through videos in a fun and unique way.
“We are a technology-focused company that has created a proprietary method for re-creating 3D space using the human body and your smartphone,” the company stated.  “We have transformed this technology into a fun consumer app that changes the way people create social content and communicate through video.”
Using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs and the cuDNN-accelerated TensorFlow and Keras deep learning frameworks, the team trained their neural network to perform gesture, face, and body detection, as well as performing background removal.

With the help of AI, the system can overlay 3D effects, as well as cut and paste a person from one scene to another. Though not perfect, the app is a fun and compelling way to show users the power of AI and AR.
“Octi is getting smarter every day, and this is only the beginning,” the company said.
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