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Shopping for Clothes is Easier with New AI-Powered Mobile App

California-based startup GoFindAI launched their new fashion app that makes shopping for clothes a breeze. Simply snap a photo of something you like, and the app’s AI-powered search engine scours over one million products from 1,000 online retailers looking for the same or similar items.
Using CUDA and Tesla K80 GPUs on the Amazon and IBM SoftLayer clouds, the startup trained their deep learning models on over 20 million images from 600+ US-based eCommerce stores. Once trained, the app’s intelligence analyzes patterns, structures, styles, colors and other details to recommend the product you’re looking for.

GoFind is currently only available on iTunes, and the Android version will be available soon. The startup who is fundraising for seed rounds has plans of launching a similar mobile app, but for furniture discovery in February 2017.

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