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Run RAPIDS on Google Colab — For Free

The information in this post has been updated. See RAPIDS cuDF for Accelerated Data Science on Google Colab for details.

The information in this post has been updated. RAPIDS cuDF is now integrated into Google Colab, and accelerates pandas by up to 50x with zero code changes. Check out the announcement blog and try out the tutorial in a Colab notebook today.

Google Colab is a hosted Jupyter-Notebook like service which has long offered free access to GPU instances.

This week Colab got even sweeter. The GPUs powering Colab were upgraded to the new NVIDIA T4 GPUs. This upgrade unlocks new software packages; which means you can now experiment with RAPIDS on Colab for free!

Check out our RAPIDS cuDF and cuML libraries directly in Colab here. You can save a copy in your personal Google Drive account and use it in your own development work.

Try it out, give us feedback and start contributing!

The post above was originally posted on the RAPIDS blog. RAPIDS is a suite of software libraries for executing end-to-end data science & analytics pipelines entirely on GPUs.

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