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RTX Coffee Break: Reference In-Engine Path Tracer (6:22 minutes)

A new video tutorial explains why it’s important to have a path tracer in your rendering engine, and detail how the Optix 5.0 AI Denoiser can improve the quality of a rendered image.


Five Things to Remember:

  • Having a path tracer in your rendering engine is valuable because it allows you to quickly generate a reference image for tuning real-time rendering techniques.
  • In-engine path tracing is easier than it ever has been using DXR and RTX. Developers can just focus on the light transport and algorithm side of things.
  • RTX provides optimized implementations of Acceleration Structure build/update, as well as traversal and scheduling of ray tracing and shading.
  • The NVIDIA Optix 5.0 AI Denoiser improves the quality of the rendered image from 0.8 ssim to .99 ssim (with respect to target reference image).
  • The NVIDIA Optix 5.0 AI Denoiser also blends smoothly between a noisy image and a denoised image starting at some set number of iterations (depending on a scene).

You can find six additional coffee-break length videos about ray tracing in games with RTX on the NVIDIA developer blog.

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