Robotics at GTC: Jetson tutorials, AI in STEM, and Commercial Apps

From Jetson 101 fundamental walk-throughs, to technical deep dive tutorials, GTC is hosting over 1,400 sessions for all technical abilities and applications. Free registration provides access to topic experts, meet-and-greet networking events, and a keynote loaded with breakthrough announcements from NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. 

If you’re looking for a curated list of Edge AI sessions at GTC, we’ve put together top sessions in each Robotics category. 

Special Events

  • [CWES1134] Connect with Experts: All Things Jetson
    Join Jetson experts from various teams including product, system software, hardware, and AI/deep learning for an engaging discussion with you.
  • [SE3283/SE3258] Ask and Learn about NVIDIA Jetson with Us
    Do you have questions about DLI topics on Getting Started with Jetson Nano, Jetbot, and Hello AI World? Come to these office hours.
  • [CWES1963] Connect with Experts (EMEA): AI at the Edge for Autonomous Machines, Robotics, and IVA
    Developing solutions for vision, autonomous machines, or robotics? Share your questions with our experts.

NVIDIA-Run DIY Maker Sessions

  • [S32700] Jetson 101: Learning Edge AI Fundamentals
  • [S32750] Build Edge AI Projects with the Jetson Community
  • [S32354] Optimizing for Edge AI on Jetson
  • [S31824] Sim-to-Real in Isaac Sim

Robotics in Education and Research

  • [S32637­] Duckietown on NVIDIA Jetson: Hands-on AI in the classroom. (ETH Zurich)
  • [S32702] Hands-on deep learning robotics curriculum in high schools with Jetson Nano (CAVEDU)
  • Using Deep Learning and Simulation to Teach Robots Manipulation in Complex Environments (Dieter Fox, NVIDIA)
  • [S31905] Deep Learning Warm-Starts Grasp-Optimized Motion Planning (UC Berkeley)
  • [S31238] Robot Manipulator Joint Space Control via Deep Reinforcement Learning (NVIDIA)
  • [S31221] Improving Reinforcement Learning for Robot Manipulation via Composing Hierarchical Objecting-Centric Controllers (Carnegie Mellon University)

Commercial AI Applications

  • [S32588] A Mask-Detecting Smart Camera Using the Jetson Nano: The Developer Journey (Berkeley Design Technology, Inc)
  • [S31824] Sim-to-Real in Isaac Sim (NVIDIA)
  • [S32641] A New Kind of Collaboration: AI-Enabled Robotics and Humans Work Together to Automate Real-World Warehouse Tasks (Plus One Robotics)
  • [S32250] How AI is Revolutionizing Recycling: Practical Robotics at Scale (AMP Robotics)
  • [S31530] A Digital-Twin Use Case for Industrial Collaborative Robotics Applications Using Isaac Sim (Mondragon Unibertsitatea)

See more featured speakers and events on the Autonomous Machines/Robotics topic page. If you’re already registered, check out the pre-packaged playlists to get your schedule started. 

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