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Real-Time Epidemic Forecasting is Now a Reality

An Epidemiologist is using GPUs for faster and more accurate disease forecasting. Chris Jewell, Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology at Lancaster Medical School in the UK, has been focusing his research on livestock epidemics such as foot and mouth disease, theileriosis, and avian influenza.

epidemic gpu
Figure 1: Predicting the risk of infection by the tick-borne cattle parasite Theileria orientalis (Ikeda) for uninfected farms. Source: Jewell, CP and Brown RG (2015) Bayesian data assimilation provides rapid decision support for vector-borne diseases. J. Roy. Soc. Interface 12:20150367.

Recently, he has refocused his efforts into the human field where populations and epidemics tend to be larger and therefore need more computing grunt. To do so, he is taking advantage of powerful Tesla GPUs, CUDA and a handful of drop-in GPU accelerated libraries.
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