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Protect Your Trademark with Artificial Intelligence

Australian-based TrademarkVision developed a deep learning-based reverse visual search platform that protects your brand by identifying similar trademarks from around the world.
Simply upload your image to the platform, and their image recognition technology will compare it against other trademarked logos – making it much easier to identify IP infringements than the previous time-consuming and costly text-based search process.
“Our technology not only makes it easy for an entrepreneur with a new design to ensure it is unique, but also enables the largest of companies to monitor for infringement,” explains Cameron Mitchell, the Chief Operations Officer of TrademarkVision. “Visual search bypasses the problems of inconsistent taxonomies around the world and harmonizes the approach.”
The young startup has already integrated their technology with the intellectual property departments in the EU, Australia, Chile and more.  Most recently, they launched a visual search for industrial designs. You can try both on the European Union Intellectual Property Office website.
Using a TITAN X GPU and the cuDNN-accelerated TensorFlow deep learning framework, the team trained their model on an in-house database containing millions of trademarked logos. The trained system is then deployed on GPU-accelerated servers that understands the semantics of a logo to find similar images around the world.

“We empower our users. People are craving a better way to protect their visual brand identity and we’re here to make it happen.”
TrademarkVision is a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program and was recognized in 2017 as one of ‘The 10 Most Innovative Companies in AI/Machine Learning’ by FastCompany, and in the top ‘8 Companies Changing How Machine Learning Is Used’ by
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