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Power-Up Your Skills and Credentials at NVIDIA GTC 2023

Last August, I wrote a post about GTC that asked, ‘What if you could spend 8 hours with an AI legend while getting hands-on experience using some of the most advanced GPU and DPU technology available?”  My point still stands: This is exactly why you should attend training at GTC.

The virtual conference offers hands-on workshops and training labs to deepen your skills in the areas of AI, HPC, and the metaverse. Most of the workshops and labs provide access to a fully configured, GPU-accelerated server in the cloud, where you can build and deploy a project using the latest industry-standard software, tools, and frameworks. You also get to learn from and interact with some of the most experienced AI, accelerated computing, graphics, and simulation practitioners in the industry. 

With registration now open, here are several more reasons to attend GTC 2023.

Advance your technical skills through new and updated hands-on workshops

The upcoming GTC offers more virtual training than ever: 29 workshops, 36 labs, and four special events. Two workshops are being run for the first time:

Building Conversational AI Applications

This updated workshop explores automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) models and teaches you how to quickly build and deploy a conversational AI pipeline including transcription, NLP, and speech. If you have attended the previous version of this workshop, we recommend taking it again. The new version includes:

  • Text normalization and grapheme-to-phoneme (G2P) conversion to customize pronunciation
  • Additional decoders, customizations, and models, including inverse text normalization (ITN), punctuation and capitalization, and language identification.
Top view of animated use cases for conversational AI: chatbots, transcription, call centers, and so on.
Figure 1. Conversational AI includes multi-speaker transcription, text-to-speech, and natural language processing used in chatbots

Data Parallelism: How to Train Deep Learning Models on Multiple GPUs  

In this new workshop, you learn how to distribute data to multiple GPUs to accelerate model training for data-intensive applications. By learning techniques for data-parallel deep learning training on multiple GPUs, you can reduce model training time, enabling faster iteration cycles and faster application development. 

Deepen your understanding of how to benefit from AI in your organization

Our new AI Business Essentials for Executives course is being launched at GTC 2023. It is designed for business leaders looking to deepen their understanding of AI and how to use it in their organizations for competitive advantage.

Scheduled as a GTC special event, this 2.5-hour interactive course is ideal for senior-level executives, managers, and team leads across functions and industries who want to better understand how to bridge the gap between business and technology in the era of AI.   

Enhance your university curricula with DLI Teaching Kits  

Co-developed with university faculty, DLI Teaching Kits provide ready-to-teach content to help university educators prepare students for the age of AI, HPC, and the metaverse.  The kits provide freely downloadable teaching materials including syllabi, lecture slides, videos, hands-on lab exercises, quizzes, and quick start guides. They make it easier to incorporate GPU training into a wide range of curricula.

Join this session for educators to learn more about the program, how to apply, example use cases, and recent success stories.  

Screenshot of a teaching kit diagram on a laptop screen.
Figure 2. NVIDIA DLI Teaching kits include syllabi, lecture slides, videos, hands-on labs, quizzes, and exams

Gain access to new Omniverse teaching kits

NVIDIA Omniverse continues to enable individuals and teams to build custom 3D pipelines and simulate large-scale virtual worlds faster than ever. But a major challenge we now face is that the demand for graduates with metaverse skills continues to outpace the supply.

To address this ever-growing gap, NVIDIA is expanding our DLI educator programs with the introduction of Omniverse-based teaching kits. 

To learn more about these teaching kits and how to access them, join this session for Omniverse educators. You can chat with the course creators as well as hear from educators from five different universities who are already integrating Omniverse into their media and entertainment, game development, AECO, and industrial metaverse curricula: 

  • Aaron Bergstrom, Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Manager, University of North Dakota (UND)
  • Deepak Chetty, Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Radio-Television-Film, University of Texas at Austin 
  • Tim McLaughlin, Dean, School of Performance, Visualization & Fine Arts, Texas A&M 
  • Marco Antonio Millán Sánchez, Instructor, Tools for Game Development, Universidad de Artes Digitales, Guadalajara, Mexico  
  • Mathew Schwartz, Assistant Professor, Architecture and Design, New Jersey Institute of Technology 

Gain credentials  

Distinguish yourself among your peers with NVIDIA Certificates of Competency.  For each full-day workshop that you attend and pass the assessment, you will gain a certificate of subject matter competency that can be shared on LinkedIn to highlight your skills and improve your professional standing.  


Normally $500 per seat, GTC pricing for these full-day workshops is now $149. We also offer a group discount of $99 per seat for the purchase of five or more seats.

The full lineup of the DLI virtual workshops offered at GTC 2023:

The training workshops, labs, and special events typically fill up quickly so visit the GTC session catalog to build your schedule and save your seat. These labs and special events are bundled free with your GTC conference registration, which is also free.

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) offers hands-on training in AI, accelerated computing, and data science. Developers, data scientists, researchers, and students can get practical experience, powered by GPUs in the cloud, and earn a certificate of competency to support their professional growth. Since its launch in 2016, DLI has trained over 400,000 developers, including students from 3000+ universities worldwide.

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