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PhotoMath App Uses a Tesla GPU to Solve Math Problems

The smart calculator reads and solves mathematical problems by using the camera of your mobile device in real-time – even providing the solving steps.

As students are heading back to school, the PhotoMath app was the #1 iPhone Free US downloads in early September – and now has been downloaded over 11 million times. Parents are also raving about it since it’s an easy tool to check their kid’s homework.
The free app was created by MicroBlink, a software development company that develops computer vision technology for mobile devices. There are other similar mobile apps, but this is unique as you just point your camera to the math problem, and the answer will instantly appear with the answer – whereas other’s you have to manually type in the problem.
PhotoMath uses a Tesla K20 for machine learning and then uses the results for the app.
Learn more about the PhotoMath app >>

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