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NVIDIA Leaders Honored at VentureBeat Transform ‘Women in AI Awards’

At VentureBeat’s (VB) second annual Women in AI Awards, Anima Anandkumar, Director of Machine Learning Research at NVIDIA, and Bren professor and director of ML research at the California Institute of Technology, received the VB ‘Women in AI’ award in the AI Research category. 

Anandkumar and fellow NVIDIA researchers Sanja Fidler, Director of AI, and Sifei Liu, Senior Research Scientist, were among three of the top 21 leaders nominated for the VB Transform Awards.

The award honors leaders in AI who have made outstanding contributions in the field. 

“When it comes to applied AI, women leaders and practitioners are generally leading the thinking in areas of empathy, fairness, ethics, and human centricity,” the event organizers said. “AI models and algorithms need to learn from both men and women to be truly balanced and fair and this can only happen with a higher percentage of women in the AI workforce,” the organizers added. 

The event was hosted online as part of VB Transform, an AI event for enterprise executives. 

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