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CUDA Spotlight: Women and CUDA

Today we are pleased to launch the new Women and CUDA website.

We received a wide variety of entries from around the world, representing professors, students, researchers, scientists and domain experts. We had recognized several participants earlier as CUDA Spotlights, including Valerie Halyo of Princeton and Monica Syal of Advanced Rotorcraft Technology.


CUDA Fellow Lorena Barba comments: “This is a good way to remind people that women write code, participate in open-source projects, and invent things. It’s important to make the technology world more attractive to female students.” Dr. Barba is an associate professor of Engineering and Applied Science at George Washington University.

Congrats to the women on our inaugural Women and CUDA list:

Sonia Lopez Alarcon, Rochester Institute of Technology | Heterogeneous Computing
Rommie Amaro, University of California, San Diego | Biological Systems
Michela Becchi, University of Missouri | GPU Virtualization
Sunita Chandrasekaran, University of Houston | Scientific Applications
Sara Falamaki, CSIRO | Image Processing
Fernanda Foertter, Oak Ridge National Lab | Titan Supercomputer
Buket Benek Gursoy, ICHEC | Computational Science
Valerie Halyo, Princeton University | Large Hadron Collider
Preetha Joy, NeST Software | Performance Optimization
Charu Kalra, Northeastern University | Performance Optimization
Elaine Kant, SciComp Inc. | Computational Finance
Sara Maria Rubio Largo, University of Navarra | Physics
Miriam Leeser, Northeastern University | Application Acceleration
Tatyana Makhalova, Perm State National Research Univ. | Computational Modeling
Janice McCarthy, Duke University | Genetics
Anna Nelasa, Zaporozhye National Technical University | Number Theory
Lena Oden, Fraunhofer ITWM | Distributed Computing
Carla Osthoff, Lab Nacional de Computacao Cientifica | High-Performance Computing
Maria Pantoja, Santa Clara University | Parallel Programming
Fanny Nina Paravecino, Northeastern University | High-Performance Computing
Kenia Picos, CITEDI-IPN | 3D Object Recognition
Valentina Popescu, LAAS-CNRS Laboratory | Scientific Computing
Meng Qi, National University of Singapore | Computational Geometry
Bkhandari E. Ramovna, D. Mendeleyev University | Computational Chemistry
Neelima B. Reddy, NMAMIT | GPU Optimizations
Dhivya Sabapathy, IIT Madras | Biomedical Engineering
Kate Stafford, University of California, San Francisco | Molecular Dynamics
Monica Syal, Advanced Rotorcraft Technology | Flight Simulation
Michela Taufer, University of Delaware | High-Performance Computing
Mae Woods, University College | Human Genome


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