NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Powers Lockheed Martin and Drone Racing League AI Challenge

Lockheed Martin and Drone Racing League recently announced a $2 million innovation competition, challenging teams to develop an autonomous drone that can race against a pilot operated one.

Competing teams will have access to the latest NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier modules – designed to make AI-autonomous machines possible – to build their autonomous drones.

The competition’s end goal is to help accelerate AI innovation and self-flying drone technology.

“The applications for self-flying drones obviously extend far beyond high-speed racing. Autonomous flying technology promises to completely transform our approach to humanitarian aid, and disaster relief,” said Robie Samanta Roy, Vice President of Technology Strategy and Innovation at Lockheed Martin.

Organizers say over 300 teams have already registered. Students, coders, drone enthusiasts, and researchers are invited to apply up until March 8. Participants will be announced in April.

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