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NVIDIA GTC: Top Conversational AI, Recommender Systems, and Video Conferencing Sessions

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NVIDIA GTC is right around the corner! Join NVIDIA November 8-11, as we host sessions covering the latest breakthroughs in conversational AI, recommender systems, and video conferencing. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of our top sessions: 

Conversational AI 

Conversational AI Demystified, and a Hands-on Walkthrough
Presented by: NVIDIA and SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH

Thanks to new tools and technologies, developing conversational AI applications is easier than ever! In this session, we’ll start with an overview of the conversational AI landscape and discuss how any organization can get started developing conversational AI. Then we’ll demonstrate how to build and deploy end-to-end conversational AI pipelines using NVIDIA Riva.

How Hugging Face Delivers 1 Millisecond Inference Latency for Transformers in Infinity
Presented by: Hugging Face

Learn how Hugging Face achieved 1-millisecond Transformers inference for customers of its new Infinity solution, a containerized solution to deploy end-to-end optimized inference pipelines. We’ll show how Infinity pilot customers were able to easily and securely deploy Transformers models with up to 100x acceleration, enabling new use cases and lowering production costs.

Applying Conversational AI for Business: Transcription, Virtual Assistants, and Chatbots
Presented by: NVIDIA, Hugging Face, T-Mobile, and RingCentral

Conversational AI is opening new opportunities in every industry with applications like real-time transcription, virtual assistants, and chatbots. Hear from industry leaders about how deploying speech and language technologies enhanced their businesses and challenges, tips, and emerging trends for conversational AI in the industry.

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Recommender Systems

Building and Deploying Recommender Systems Quickly and Easily with NVIDIA Merlin
Presented by: NVIDIA

We’ll outline the open-source NVIDIA Merlin™ framework, going over the library and deep-diving into the new features that have been added in the past year. NVIDIA Merlin now supports CPU implementations, as well as simpler ML models including collaborative filtering through the Implicit library. With this addition, NVIDIA Merlin allows you to start simply in the RecSys space and scale up to more complex deep learning-based solutions.

Snapchat: Applying GPUs to Very Large-scale Recommender Machine Learning Inference
Presented by: Snap 

At Snap, we apply the latest machine learning (ML) technology to find engaging content and relevant ads. ML plays a central role in delivering long-term value to Snapchatters, creators, and our advertisers. We’ll share our experiences and insights in applying GPU technology to accelerate ML model inference. 

Session-based Recommendation Powered by Transformers
Presented by: NVIDIA 

Session-based recommendation, a subarea of sequential recommendation, has been an important task in online services like e-commerce and news portals. Session-based recommenders provide relevant and personalized recommendations even when prior user history is not available or their tastes change over time. Join us for a hands-on workshop to learn the main concepts, algorithms, and implementation of session based recommendation models. 

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Video Conferencing 

Server-side AI for Video Conferencing
Presented by: Pexip

Learn how Pexip is planning to use NVIDIA AI technologies like noise removal, room de-reverberation, face detection, gaze correction, natural language processing, avatars, and more to take the virtual meeting-room experience to a new level.

How SoftBank Achieved High-quality Video Conferencing on a 5G Network
Presented by: NVIDIA and SoftBank Corp

A good mobile network is crucial for high-quality video conferencing. The problem is even more acute with several concurrent users uploading their video stream. In this session, experts from SoftBank and NVIDIA describe how SoftBank deployed multi-access edge computing and NVIDIA Maxine to improve user communication experiences and optimize network resource utilization.

AI-assisted Transcoding Engine for Higher Video Quality with Low Bitrate
Presented by: Agora

Learn about Agora’s advanced transcoding method for real-time engagement. This method is based on NVIDIA Maxine AI and in-house developed AI algorithms that enable reliable multi-way transmission of large amounts of data across geographies by reducing communication bandwidth while retaining or enhancing the video quality.

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