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Gordana Neskovic is on the AI / DL product marketing team responsible for NVIDIA Maxine. Gordana has held various product marketing, data scientist, AI architect, and engineering roles at VMware, Wells Fargo, Pinterest, SFO-ITT, and KLA-Tencor before joining NVIDIA. She holds a Ph.D. from Santa Clara University and master’s and bachelor's degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Belgrade, Serbia.
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Conversational AI

NVIDIA Speech and Translation AI Models Set Records for Speed and Accuracy

Speech and translation AI models developed at NVIDIA are pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation. The NVIDIA Parakeet automatic speech recognition... 8 MIN READ
Decorative image of groups of people using speech AI in different ways standing around a globe.
Conversational AI

Video: Exploring Speech AI from Research to Practical Production Applications

The integration of speech and translation AI into our daily lives is rapidly reshaping our interactions, from virtual assistants to call centers and augmented... 2 MIN READ
Conversational AI

How Speech Recognition Improves Customer Service in Telecommunications

The telecommunication industry has seen a proliferation of AI-powered technologies in recent years, with speech recognition and translation leading the charge.... 7 MIN READ
Gif scrolling through different workflow examples such as personalized recommenders, speech AI, and route optimization.
Conversational AI

ICYMI: New and Updated AI Workflows Announced at NVIDIA GTC 2023

NVIDIA showed how AI workflows can be leveraged to help you accelerate the development of AI solutions to address a range of use cases at NVIDIA GTC 2023. AI... 7 MIN READ
Graphic of a woman sitting on a couch reading her phone with popups.
Conversational AI

Upcoming Webinar: Building an Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Financial Services

Join this webinar on January 25 and learn how to build a voice-enabled intelligent virtual assistant to improve customer experiences at contact centers. 1 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Reducing Development Time for Intelligent Virtual Assistants in Contact Centers

As the global service economy grows, companies rely increasingly on contact centers to drive better customer experiences, increase customer satisfaction, and... 8 MIN READ