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NVIDIA Clara Platform: Augmenting Radiology with AI

NVIDIA’s Clara is an open, scalable computing platform that enables developers to build and deploy medical imaging applications into hybrid (embedded, on-premise, or cloud) computing environments to create intelligent instruments and automated healthcare workflows.

The Clara platform aims to bring the technological advances that have been proven in other industries, like gaming, autonomous vehicles, and cloud computing, to the medical imaging industry.

In the videos below, see how the NVIDIA Clara Platform is being used to augment radiology applications.

Clara: Enhancing Radiology with Cinematic Rendering

3D cinematic renderings of medical images can revolutionize radiology, transforming the way we diagnose and recommend treatment. Powered by NVIDIA GPUs, NVIDIA Clara can generate views of the body that were previously unattainable through traditional medical imaging techniques.

Clara: Supercharging Medical Instruments with AI

Augmenting radiology with artificial intelligence and deep learning is reinventing the way we visualize medical images. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan, is an irreplaceable tool for diagnosing many medical conditions. It is time consuming, and in some cases, it requires a contrast agent to better visualize findings. With Nvidia Clara, MRI scans can potentially be performed in a quarter of the time, and with less contrast, without sacrificing the quality of the image.

Clara: Medical Imaging Brought to Life

Echocardiograms require numerous manual measurements and a significant skillset to interpret them accurately. Using NVIDIA Clara, you can leverage artificial intelligence and the power of GPUs to transform grainy 2D images into clear 3D images making interpretations more intuitive.

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