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NVIDIA Announces Nsight Graphics 2018.5

NVIDIA is proud to announce Nsight Graphics 2018.5 with Turing GPU support!
This release offers Turing profiling support for Nsight Graphics’ Range Profiler and GPU Trace activities. In addition, copy queue activity can now be visualized in GPU Trace (our new GPU Occupancy Profiler).  

Nsight Graphics has day zero support for the new Turing GPU architecture, unlocking the power of the Range Profiler and GPU Trace activities. With the Range Profiler, we provide a tremendous amount of data to allow you to maximize the throughput of your GPU. See Louis Bavoil’s article on using the range profiler and obtaining peak-performance.

In addition, we’ve added the ability to capture and view Copy Engine activity in GPU Trace. This feature is quite helpful when analyzing bubbles in GPU workloads and understanding why the GPU is idle.

Finally, we’ve also made it possible to export the data in the range profiler to a .csv (table) file. The data can be exported in three different ways: Export Per Range, Export Metrics as Columns, and Export Ranges as Columns. If you prefer your data in a spreadsheet then this is the feature for you!

Beyond these additions, existing support has been improved with targeted performance enhancements to some identified pain points.
Try out the latest version of Nsight Graphics today!
In case you missed it, Nvidia’s Devtools team gave some great tools presentations at SIGGRAPH 2018.  You can find links to each session in the table below:

Session Link
Taming the Beast; Using NVIDIA Tools to Unlock Hidden GPU Performance.
Maximizing your GPU Performance through D3D12 Asynchronous Compute
The Future of GPU Crash Debugging
Optimize D3D 12 Apps Performance using Nsight Systems
OptiX profiling with Nsight Compute


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