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New App Uses AI to Enable Users to Explore Sneakers In AR

Wannaby, a Belarus startup founded by ex-googler Sergey Arkhangelsky, just launched Wanna Kicks a new app that can let you virtually try on a pair of shoes.
The iOS app uses augmented reality to let users try on on various pairs of shoes. In the backend, the app was developed using convolutional neural networks, NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. and the cuDNN-accelerated PyTorch deep learning framework. 
“Our mission is to break online shopping barriers,” Wannaby CEO Sergey Arkhangelskiy tells TechCrunch. “We believe that AR try-on can help customers to shop online and will wash away the difference between online and offline shopping.”

The app uses convolutional neural networks and 3D geometry algorithms to identify the position of the shoe in space.
“The AR and AI community will love our launch as well — we’ve accomplished a really difficult task in computer vision and rendering.”
Wannaby is a member of NVIDIA’s Inception program.
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