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Monash University Upgrades MASSIVE GPU-Accelerated Supercomputer

To accelerate biomedical research, Australia’s Monash University boosted its research infrastructure with a third GPU-accelerated supercomputer called MASSIVE-3.
MASSIVE-3 is equipped with both Tesla GPUs and Quadro GPUs for data processing and visualization, driving the new system nearly four times faster than MASSIVE-2.
Over the past five years, MASSIVE has played a key role in driving discoveries across many disciplines including biomedical sciences, materials research, engineering, and geosciences.
Alongside the MASSIVE supercomputers at Monash, the university also hosts the CAVE2 immersive visualization platform. This 21st Century Microscope empowers researchers to interactively explore data from electron microscopes and medical imaging instruments.
In this brief video, Dr. David Barnes, senior research fellow at Monash provides an inside-look into their visualization environment.

“Our collaboration with NVIDIA will take Monash research to new heights. By coupling some of Australia’s best researchers with NVIDIA’s accelerated computing technology we’re going to see some incredible impact. Our scientists will produce code that runs faster, but more significantly, their focus on deep learning algorithms will produce outcomes that are smarter,” said Professor Ian Smith, Vice Provost (Research and Research Infrastructure), Monash University.

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