IDC Business Value White Paper: The Business Value of NVIDIA Ethernet Switch Solutions for Managing and Optimizing Network Performance

NVIDIA recently commissioned IDC to conduct research into the business value and technical benefits of the NVIDIA Ethernet switch solution. IDC analysts Brad Casemore and Harsh Singh interviewed IT organizations with real world experience deploying and managing Cumulus Linux and NVIDIA Spectrum switches in mission critical data centers over a significant time period. The research included interviews with organizations that were using the combined solution set and had first-hand knowledge about the costs and benefits of this solution. 

During the interviews, companies were asked a variety of quantitative and qualitative questions about NVIDIA’s impact on their IT and network operations. The results highlighted several key benefits that NVIDIA customers are realizing, including: 

  • Higher efficiency:  Helping network operations and management staff be more efficient while allowing them to spend more time on innovation and business-related projects  
  • Better performance and security:  Improving overall network performance including increasing the efficiency of network security and reducing application latency  
  • Improved cost/performance:  Leveraging improved network and application performance while lowering costs to bolster business operations and results 
  • Increased reliability and productivity:  Reducing the occurrences and rate of unplanned downtime, thereby lowering business risk and increasing productivity 

“The biggest benefit is operational efficiencies — it’s easier to deploy and manage from an IT standpoint. Any time we need to make changes to the infrastructure, for whatever reason, we can do it more simply and quicker. And the raw IT budget has been reduced,” NVIDIA Ethernet Switching Solutions Customer 

In this paper, IDC concluded that a modern data center can be a significant contributor to business value when the datacenter network combines all the traditional attributes of switch hardware — such as scalability, reliability, performance, and low latency — with a commensurate degree of software-based network automation, programmability, flexibility, and actionable analytics and insights.   

In the IDC Business Value White Paper, IDC has documented the business value of NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet Switches in conjunction with Cumulus Linux through the ease of overall network management and operations.  Interviewees also reported they were able to support their business with a more cost-effective and better performing network by reducing the costs of the network itself but still providing enough bandwidth for their organization’s business users. 

Join guests IDC analysts, Brad Casemore and Harsh Singh on May 27th at 10 am PT for a full readout on the details of their findings in a special webinar. Please register here. 

All webinar attendees will get exclusive early access to the full IDC Business Value White Paper*, entitled “The Business Value of NVIDIA Ethernet Switch Solutions for Managing and Optimizing Network Performance”.  You’ll also receive the IDC Executive Overview and IDC Snapshot/Infographic. 

*IDC Business Value Whitepaper, Sponsored by NVIDIA, The Business Value of NVIDIA Ethernet Switch Solutions for Managing and Optimizing Network Performance, IDC Doc. #US47556921, April 2021 

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