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IBM Watson CTO to Keynote at GPU Technology Conference

Rob High, IBM Fellow, VP and chief technology officer for Watson, will deliver a keynote at the GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley on April 6.
Watson was an overnight sensation when it competed on Jeopardy! against two former winners to win $1 million.
Watson is among the first of a new generation of cognitive systems with far-reaching applications. It uses artificial intelligence technologies like image classification, video analytics, speech recognition, and natural language processing to solve once intractable problems in healthcare, finance, education and law.
Last year IBM announced that it had added Tesla K80 GPUs to enhance Watson’s natural language processing capabilities and other key applications.
Watch the video below to hear Rob’s brief introduction to cognitive computing and why it matters.

High joins lineup of industry experts speaking at this year’s GPU Technology Conference that includes NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang and Toyota Research CEO Gill Pratt.
To register for the conference, visit our GTC registration page.

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