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How Will Machine Learning Change ECommerce?

Sentient Technologies is using machine learning and GPUs to create a Sales Associate with artificial intelligence for online stores.
The company recently announced a collaboration with that uses a ‘Visual Filter’ and machine learning to make it the world’s first artificial intelligence-powered shopping experience.

The new technology called “Sentient Aware” is being deployed on and involves a filter that has a deep understanding of what is available in the catalog and then rapidly adapts to shoppers’ preferences. It also provides instant recommendations of available products, similar to the way a personal shopper in a physical store would help consumers find shoes they love – creating an enjoyable and efficient experience for customers. It’s easy to see how this kind of technology will be valuable, as customers are overwhelmed by an ever-growing online market, when introducing AI can cut the time and effort involved in browsing products.
In a recent interview, Nigel Duffy, CTO of Sentient Technologies, mentions how GPUs were one of the key factors that have enabled recent advancements in deep learning.

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