GTC 2020: Edge AI Meets 5G – NVIDIA and Mavenir Transform Edge AI

The nexus of 5G, IoT, and MEC is expanding the horizons of digital transformation.

NVIDIA Metropolis intelligent video analytics (IVA) platform makes sense of the flood of data created by trillions of cameras and sensors for traffic engineering in smart cities, frictionless retail, optical inspection on factory floors, and more.

Mavenir’s 5G RAN & packet core platform transforms CSP’s digitization efforts through a highly scalable, fully automated and cloud-native edge that feeds rich media data to Metropolis.

At GTC, NVIDIA and Mavenir will present an end-to-end 5G Edge IVA solution running on the NVIDIA EGX platform.

NVIDIA EGX captures the video streams coming from 5G connected cameras which are processed by Mavenir’s 5G core UPF, accelerated by NVIDIA SmartNIC UPF offload capabilities, all running in a hyperconverged EGX edge server.

In this GTC session, you will see an amazing demonstration of how these disaggregated infrastructure components come together to deliver an accelerated and efficient Edge AI IVA solution for public and private 5G customers alike.

To learn more, join Ash Bhalgat from NVIDIA and Kuntal Chowdhury from Mavenir at the GTC.

Read this blog to learn more:

Accelerating Intelligent Video Analytics Using Ultra-Efficient 5G Core with Mavenir and NVIDIA Edge AI

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