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Google Cloud Lowers the Price of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs

Google announced they are cutting the price of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs in the cloud by up to 36 percent. In US regions, each K80 GPU attached to a Google Compute Engine virtual machine is priced at $0.45 per hour while each P100 costs $1.46 per hour. 
“Scientists, artists and engineers need access to massively parallel computational power,” mentioned Google Cloud Platform Product Manager Chris Kleban in a blog about the news. “Deep learning, physical simulation and molecular modeling can take hours instead of days on NVIDIA Tesla GPUs.”
They have also lowered the price of preemptible Local SSDs by almost 40 percent compared to on-demand Local SSDs. In the US this means $0.048 per GB-month.
“We hope that the price reduction on NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and preemptible Local SSDs unlocks new opportunities and helps you solve more interesting business, engineering and scientific problems.”
New registered users of the Google Cloud Platform Console will receive $300 in credits to access GPU-accelerated instances.
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