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OVH Becomes First Cloud Provider In Europe to be Validated for NGC

This week OVH, a leading cloud computing company headquartered in France, became the first European cloud provider to be a validated platform partner for the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC).
“OVH users can now run software from the NGC container registry, which provides a comprehensive catalogue of AI software optimized for NVIDIA GPUs, on OVH infrastructure,” the company wrote in a press release.
OVH’s platform includes the latest generation NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs, as well as a a dedicated pool of NVIDIA DGX-1 servers interconnected with NVLink technology.
“OVH’s cloud infrastructure takes advantage of machine learning and deep learning products and applications for maintaining IT equipment, predicting database fill rates and anticipating temperature variations in data centers,” the company stated.  “OVH gives an additional guarantee, to provide its customers with ever more reliable solutions and a greater capacity for innovation.”
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