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Geometry Reinvented with Mesh Shading

During SIGGRAPH 2019, NVIDIA presented a talk entitled “Applications of Mesh Shading with DX12,” which explained how developers could take complete control over geometry processing. 

The full presentation can be found here

The 12 minute video below is an excerpt from the full 60 minute talk.

The mesh shading technology built into NVIDIA’s Turing GPU architecture can dramatically improve performance and image quality when rendering a substantial number of complex objects in a scene. Given this, what would be the perfect sequence to build in order to stress test mesh shading? Something with asteroids, of course. 

A team of five NVIDIA developers and a single sculpt artist spent eight weeks building a fully controllable scenario in which a spaceship is beset on all sides by an endless cascade of asteroids. This video excerpt presents the asteroids scene, along with an explanation of how it was made. This is an important step forward in graphics rendering. “With programmable mesh shaders,” said NVIDIA’s Manuel Kraemer, “the GPU rasterization pipeline has been reinvented.”

NVIDIA’s Asteroids Mesh Shader Demo

The full talk can be found here

The asteroids demo is available here

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