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Experience Immersive Streaming with Omniverse Streaming Client

View full-fidelity 3D models using AR mode in XR Remote.

Content creators and developers can now view their 3D content in full-immersive detail with NVIDIA Omniverse Streaming Client for iOS. The app is available now from the Apple Store for iPad iOS 14.5 and higher.

Visualizing complex 3D models is critical to industries, such as architecture and manufacturing, where context is everything. Minor design decisions can trigger changes that lead to higher costs and time-consuming adjustments.

A 3D model of a skyscraper sits on a desk, viewed using AR mode.
Figure 1. View full-fidelity 3D models using AR mode in Omniverse Streaming Client for iOS.

Omniverse Streaming Client addresses this challenge for users to interact with full-fidelity, real-time NVIDIA RTX ray-traced content in Omniverse. This can be streamed directly from a desktop to an iPad using NVIDIA CloudXR. Content is viewed in AR, where users bring virtual assets into their world, or as a VR virtual camera that gives users a “window” to navigate a 3D scene or experience. 

For developers, this provides a new means to distribute content built in Omniverse, without compromising on quality or mobility.

A highly detailed model of a kitchen is viewed using VR Virtual Camera mode.
Figure 2. Explore model details including full-fidelity textures and real-time NVIDIA RTX ray-traced lighting using VR Virtual Camera mode in Omniverse Streaming Client.

Streaming immersive design

Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF), one of the world’s preeminent architecture firms, is leveraging NVIDIA technologies to make the design process more intuitive for designers, engineers, and clients. 

“We see a future where we can bring our design to the table and the computer helps us make it real,” said Applied Research Director at KPF, Cobus Bothma. 

Bothma is using Omniverse Streaming Client for iOS to visualize at-scale architectural models overlaid with complex data sets—like diagrammatic flow lines of wind around a building, creating a virtual wind tunnel. Currently, KPF is working to simulate multiple buildings in the same scene, viewed on a tablet device.

Diagrammatic flow lines of windflow overlaid on a 3D building model.
Figure 3. Diagrammatic flow lines of windflow overlaid on a 3D building model using Omniverse and viewed in Omniverse Streaming Client for iOS. Image provided by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates.

“With Omniverse Streaming Client, we can reduce review cycles from days to hours,” said Bothma. 

Historically, it would have taken the KPF design team 4 to 6 weeks to develop a custom app for every design change. “Now we can simply stream it to them and they will immediately have the latest view,” Bothma said.

The application delivers an immersive view of Universal Scene Description content from Omniverse to any supported iOS or Android device through the use of the NVIDIA CloudXR streaming solution. Omniverse Streaming Client is one of the first instances where users can leverage CloudXR streaming to reach back through a remote agent and harness extra compute power. This helps users run a simulation in Omniverse and stream full-fidelity graphics to an iPad in real time.

The result is a fully immersive interaction with 3D content, which enables easier collaboration to speed up design processes. “This is a much more intuitive way to interact with 3D content than a mouse and keyboard,” said Greg Jones, Director of Global Business Development and Product Management for XR at NVIDIA.

“With Omniverse Streaming Client, users can grab the iPad and literally walk through their data. This changes the game for industries like AEC, manufacturing, and M&E, where flat digital tools have required designers to translate 2D renderings into 3D results,” Jones said. 

Getting started

The Omniverse Streaming Client application is available now through the Apple Store and Android devices.

Requirements for using Omniverse Streaming Client on an iPad:

  • An iPad with iOS 14.5 or higher.
  • Omniverse Streaming Client application, installed on an iPad.
  • The latest version of Omniverse Create, installed on an NVIDIA RTX-enabled PC (Windows and Linux compliant) or VM.
  • Both PC and iPad must be connected to the network.

Load a 3D model and enable AR settings in Omniverse Create on a PC to get started. Then input the corresponding IP address into the Omniverse Streaming Client application on their iPad. Check out the documentation for detailed instructions.

Android tablet users can follow these steps and connect a device.

Expand the design process and view 3D content as it was meant to be experienced, in full immersive detail. Download NVIDIA Omniverse Streaming Client for iOS today from the Apple Store.

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