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Dyndrite Unveils First GPU-Accelerated Geometry Kernel to tackle Data Explosion in Additive Manufacturing

To help manufacturers and developers manage the growing data problem in additive manufacturing, while streamlining production workflows, the team at Dyndrite has developed a new GPU-based platform: Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE), the world’s first GPU-accelerated geometry kernel. 

Dyndrite is funded by Google’s Gradient Ventures, Carl Bass, ex-CEO of Autodesk, and a number other VC’s.  The company uses NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000, CUDA and Thrust, and developed their application to be a “hybrid” kernel that can simultaneously support many geometry types like surface meshes, BREPS, volumetric data, voxels, and tetrahedral meshes. 

Capable of running on laptops, desktops or in the cloud, ACE enables developers to create solutions that apply Quadro GPU performance to enhance manufacturing computations, such as topological sorting, part lightweighting, and toolpath generation – computing operations that are common in the AM world.

Workflow menu icons from Dyndrite’s Additive Manufacturing Toolkit (AMT)

NVIDIA Quadro Accelerates Geometry Kernels

Today’s manufacturing hardware has outpaced traditional software, which can take hours when using seemingly powerful workstations to prepare files or terabytes of  data for production. To efficiently process this amount of data, users need sophisticated hardware, software and GPU acceleration.

ACE offers both a C/C++ and integrated Python API, enabling broad accessibility by both the traditional developer market, as well as end-users such as mechanical engineers and students. 

Since announcing ACE, numerous 3D printer market leaders, including HP, EOS, Renishaw, ExOne and numerous others have joined Dyndrite’s Developer Council, an industry group chartered with aligning the company’s technology strategy and roadmap. These leaders are the early evaluators of Dyndrite’s GPU based SDK.

Screenshot from AMT shows Dyndrite’s integrated Python interface

Dyndrite developed ACE using NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 to deliver portability, high-performance, and ability to handle extreme datasets. Single and double precision, GFLOPS, and memory are the most important metrics when evaluating performance. With Quadro GPUs and cutting-edge CUDA 10.0+, the extra cores and memory significantly increase performance for users. 

Similar to how Adobe’s PostScript technology revolutionized 2D printing, Dyndrite’s technology combined with Quadro GPUs empowers vendors to create cutting edge solutions that increase scalability, user performance and output quality. 

Dyndrite ACE Enables Developers to Build CAD/CAM Apps 

Aside from the geometry and computational performance, the Dyndrite team wanted to provide developers with a complete solution stack for producing full applications. They developed ACE to deliver a robust environment that simplifies and speeds the development of GPU-based CAD/CAM applications. As the image below shows, the ACE model presents a much more complete solution stack.

Architecture Diagram for Dyndrite Accelerated Computational Engine (ACE)

For more information, watch Dyndrite’s talk at GTC

Dyndrite will be showcasing its new Additive Manufacturing Toolkit (AMT), a powerful “Build Processor” designed to turbocharge the workflow of additive technicians, at the Formnext conference in Frankfurt, Germany from Nov. 19-22, at booth G131 in Hall 12. 

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