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Developer Meetup: Learn How Metropolis Boosts Go-to-Market Efforts​

The newly expanded NVIDIA Metropolis program offers you access to the world’s best development tools and services to reduce the time and cost of managing your vision-AI deployments. Join this developer meetup (dates and times below) with NVIDIA experts to learn five ways the NVIDIA Metropolis program will grow your vision AI business and enhance your go-to-market efforts​.

In this meetup, you will learn how:

  • Metropolis Validation Labs optimize your applications and accelerate deployments.
  • NVIDIA Fleet Command simplifies provisioning and management of edge deployments accelerating the time to scale from POC to production.
  • NVIDIA LaunchPad provides easy access to GPU instances for faster POCs and customer trials.
  • Partners around the world are achieving success through this program.

Additionally, you will hear from elite partner Milestone Systems, who will share how NVIDIA Metropolis is boosting its AI software development, integration, and business development efforts.

Get Metropolis Certified to gain access to the NVIDIA Software stack, GPU servers, and marketing promotions worth over $100,000 in value. 

Select one of the following sessions in the region most convenient to you (Feb. 16 and 17): 

  • NALA: Feb. 16 at 1 pm, PT
  • APAC/JAPAN: Feb. 17 at 1 pm JST/KST
  • EMEA: Feb. 17 at 4 pm, CET

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