Debraj Sinha

Debraj Sinha is a Product Marketing Manager for Metropolis at NVIDIA, focusing on building smarter spaces around the world with AI-enabled video analytics. Debraj collaborates with partners ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies to market AI applications that drive safety and efficiency gains. He holds an MBA degree from Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley and a Master's degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.
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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

NVIDIA DeepStream 7.0 Milestone Release for Next-Gen Vision AI Development

NVIDIA DeepStream is a powerful SDK that unlocks GPU-accelerated building blocks to build end-to-end vision AI pipelines. With more than 40+ plugins available... 11 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Announcing NVIDIA Metropolis Microservices for Jetson for Rapid Edge AI Development

NVIDIA Metropolis Microservices for Jetson has been renamed to Jetson Platform Services, and is now part of NVIDIA JetPack SDK 6.0. Building vision AI... 6 MIN READ
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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Access the Latest in Vision AI Model Development Workflows with NVIDIA TAO Toolkit 5.0

NVIDIA TAO Toolkit provides a low-code AI framework to accelerate vision AI model development suitable for all skill levels, from novice beginners to expert... 14 MIN READ
3 CV overlays tracking people walking across a street.
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Improve Accuracy and Robustness of Vision AI Apps with Vision Transformers and NVIDIA TAO

Vision Transformers (ViTs) are taking computer vision by storm, offering incredible accuracy, robust solutions for challenging real-world scenarios, and... 5 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Metropolis Spotlight: Lumeo Simplifies Vision AI Development

Over a billion cameras are deployed in the most important spaces worldwide and these cameras are critical sources of video and data. It is becoming increasingly... 4 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

New NVIDIA Metropolis Microservices Fast-Tracks Cloud-Native Vision AI Development

Vision AI-powered applications are exploding in terms of value and adoption across industries. They’re being developed both by sophisticated AI developers and... 3 MIN READ