Debraj Sinha

Debraj Sinha is a Product Marketing Manager for Metropolis at NVIDIA, focusing on building smarter spaces around the world with AI-enabled video analytics. Debraj collaborates with partners ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies to market AI applications that drive safety and efficiency gains. He holds an MBA degree from Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley and a Master's degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.

Posts by Debraj Sinha

Image of a city street with traffic overlaid with a CES 2022 promo text.
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NVIDIA Metropolis Partners Showcase Vision AI Traffic Optimization at CES 2022

Explore NVIDIA Metropolis partners showcasing new technologies to improve city mobility at CES 2022. 3 MIN READ
A digitalized street with cars, bikes and pedestrians.
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Transforming the Future of Mobility at ITS America with NVIDIA Metropolis Partners

Explore NVIDIA Metropolis partners showcasing new technologies to improve city mobility at the ITS America 2021. 3 MIN READ
Graphic with NVIDIA logo and smart cars.
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Creating Smarter Spaces with NVIDIA Metropolis and Edge AI

Learn how AI-enabled video analytics is helping companies and employees work smarter and safer. 3 MIN READ
JAKARTA, Indonesia - December 17, 2019: Tilted top down horizontal view of a fountain in the middle of a roundabout in Jakarta city at sunny morning.
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Metropolis Spotlight: Sighthound Enhances Traffic Safety with NVIDIA GPU-Accelerated AI Technologies

Using NVIDIA pretrained models and the Jetson edge AI platform, a computer vision innovator accelerates game-changing traffic management in Denver. 3 MIN READ
Image of Jetson AGX Xavier
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Manufacturing the Future of AI with Edge Computing

Read how the power of AI and edge computing is critical to driving operational efficiencies and productivity gains. 5 MIN READ
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Edge Computing is Essential to Building Smarter and Safer Spaces

A new generation of AI applications at the edge is driving incredible operational efficiency and safety gains across a broad range of spaces. Read how the power… 5 MIN READ