Today, NVIDIA is announcing the availability of cuSPARSELt version 0.1.0. This software can be downloaded now free for members of the NVIDIA Developer Program.

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What’s New

  • Support for Window 10 (x86_64)
  • Support for Linux ARM
  • Introduced SM 8.6 Compatibility
  • Support for TF32 compute type
  • Better performance for SM 8.0 kernels (up to 90% SOL)
  • Position independent sparseA / sparseB
  • New APIs for compression and pruning
    • Decoupled from cusparseLtMatmulPlan_t

See the cuSPARSELt Release Notes for more information

About cuSPARSELt

NVIDIA cuSPARSELt is a high-performance CUDA library dedicated to general matrix-matrix operations in which at least one operand is a sparse matrix:

D=\alpha op(A) \cdot op(B) + \beta op(C)

In this formula, op(A) and op(B) refer to in-place operations such as transpose/non-transpose.

The cuSPARSELt APIs allow flexibility in the algorithm/operation selection, epilogue, and matrix characteristics, including memory layout, alignment, and data types.

Key features:

  • NVIDIA Sparse MMA tensor core support
  • Mixed-precision computation support:
    • FP16 input/output, FP32 Tensor Core accumulate
    • BFLOAT16 input/output, FP32 Tensor Core accumulate
    • INT8 input/output, INT32 Tensor Core compute
    • FP32 input/output, TF32 Tensor Core compute
    • TF32 input/output, TF32 Tensor Core compute
  • Matrix pruning and compression functionalities
  • Auto-tuning functionality (see cusparseLtMatmulSearch())

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