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Creating Smarter Spaces with NVIDIA Metropolis and Edge AI

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What do a factory floor, retail store, and major roadway have in common? They are a few examples of valuable and constrained infrastructure that need to be optimized. Manufacturers aim for early detection of defects in the assembly process. Retailers seek to better understand their customer journey and deliver more frictionless checkout experiences. Traffic planners look to reduce traffic gridlock.  

Over one billion cameras are deployed worldwide in nearly all of our important spaces, generating tremendous amounts of data but without a system for analyzing this data, valuable insights are lost. Enter AI-powered computer vision, which unlocks insights hidden in the video to generate insights that enable cities and companies to improve their safety and operational efficiency. 

Optimizing AI-enabled video analytics solutions streamlines tasks across industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, helping companies and their employees to work smarter and safer.   

NVIDIA Metropolis is an application framework, set of developer tools, and partner ecosystem that unites visual data and AI to enable greater functionality and efficiency across a range of physical spaces and environments. 

Transit hubs, retail stores, and factories use vision AI applications for more efficient, accessible, and safe operations. The following examples illustrate vision AI applications transforming how we use and manage our most critical spaces. 

Airports: With terminals serving and moving millions of passengers a year, airports are small cities, industrial sites, and transportation hubs. AI-enabled video analytics solutions identify and manage incidents in real time to minimize disruptions to passengers and airport operations. These solutions help airlines accelerate airplane turnarounds, deliver safer airport operations, and provide parking management to passengers. 

Factories: Companies are increasingly automating their manufacturing processes with IoT sensors, the most common of which are video cameras. These cameras capture vast amounts of data that, when combined with the power of AI, produce valuable insights that manufacturers can use to improve operational efficiency. Real-time understanding and responses are critical, such as identifying product defects on assembly lines, scanning for workplace hazards and signaling when machines require maintenance.

Farms: Farmers around the world are turning to vision AI applications to automate and improve their operations and yield quality. These applications help in a wide range of use cases, from counting cows to detecting weeds to the robotic pollination of tomatoes. These computer vision applications help farmers revolutionize food production by improving yield and using less resources.

Stadiums: Millions of people around the world visit stadiums to enjoy live sporting and cultural events. AI-enabled video analytics solutions are used to automate perimeter protection, weapons detection, crowd analytics, parking management, and suspicious behavior monitoring to provide a safer and more cohesive experience for visitors.

Hospitals: AI-enabled video analytics solutions help keep track of operating room procedures, ultimately improving patient care and surgical outcomes. By using accurate action logging, hospital staff can monitor surgical procedures, enforce disinfecting protocols, and check medical supply inventory levels in real time. AI-enabled video analytics reduces the need for human input on certain routine tasks, giving doctors and nurses more time with their patients.

Universities: AI vision helps university administrators better understand how physical spaces, like offices, gyms, and halls, are used. AI applications can also analyze real-time video footage and generate insights that inform better campus management, from detecting crowd flow patterns to creating immediate alerts for abnormal activities like fires, accidents, or water leakage.

A new generation of AI applications at the edge is driving incredible operational efficiency and safety gains across a broad range of spaces. Download a free e-book to learn how Metropolis and edge AI are helping build smarter and safer spaces around the world.

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