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Calling all HPC Developers – HPC Summit Digital

From energy and space exploration to weather and ocean modeling, HPC is one of the most fundamental tools fueling the advancement of science and technology for developers and researchers. This year, there are two online events for HPC developers to tune into. 

ISC Digital

From June 22-25, attendees can view NVIDIA featured sessions that are part of the ISC Digital agenda, and check out digital demos, our partner ecosystem, and more. 

HPC Summit Digital

The following week, from June 29- July 2, the HPC Summit Digital will bring leaders, developers, scientists, and researchers from around the world together to engage with technical experts. At this event, developers can ask tough questions, provide feedback, and learn from their peers in an interactive, online setting. Learn about new trends and innovations, engage with experts, and get answers to all your technical questions in our webinars and breakout forums. Best of all, it’s free.

HPC Summit for Developers, Researchers and Scientists

Join us online starting June 27th, with a welcome webinar from NVIDIA’s Ian Buck, the developer of CUDA and GM/VP of accelerated computing, Michael Kagen co-founder of Mellanox and now CTO of NVIDIA’s Mellanox networking business unit, and Marc Hamilton, VP of solutions architecture and engineering as they kick of the HPC Summit.

Learn how NVIDIA is introducing groundbreaking technologies and hear how industry leaders are adopting GPU computing to accelerate their science. Then, HPC Summit Digital continues with a GPU experts panel focusing on new innovations from the NVIDIA Ampere Architecture, an interactive developer forum, and data center breakout webinars.

GPU Experts Panel: Ampere Explained

Join this interactive panel of NVIDIA GPU experts to ask questions, give feedback and hear expert advice on the latest GPU developments including libraries, hardware, platform support, developer tools and more.

Developer Forum

Share your GPU experiences, learn from fellow HPC developers and GPU experts, and help shape future directions in the NVIDIA ecosystem. The forum will kick off with a description of some past success stories where developer feedback helped drive NVIDIA’s direction, continue with short presentations from developers who’ll share their top requests, and then proceed to a set of Q&A discussions with our panel of experts. Topics for the Q&A will include programming models and languages, math libraries, HPC plus AI, data science, mixed precision, Arm, multi-GPU programming and message passing, and more.

Data Center Webinars 

Learn from HPC data center experts to shape future directions for HPC data center software offerings. Discussion topics include networking, storage, visualization, containerization, edge computing, resource management with Kubernetes, and more. Each starts with a presentation and is followed by a community-driven Q&A session on the respective topic. Open to attendees of all technical levels.

Learn more about HPC Summit digital and register today.

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