Conversational AI

Build Your Own AI-Powered Q&A Service

Conversational AI, the ability for machines to understand and respond to human queries, is being widely adopted across industries as enterprises see the value of this technology through solutions like chatbots and virtual assistants to better support their customers while lowering the cost of customer service. 

You can now build your own AI-powered Q&A service with the step-by-step instructions provided in this four-part blog series. All the software resources you will need, from the deep learning frameworks to pre-trained models to inference engines are available from the NVIDIA NGC catalog – a hub of GPU-optimized software.

The blog series walks through:

  1. Part 1: Leveraging pre-trained models to build custom models with your training dataset 
  2. Part 2: Optimizing the custom model to provide lower latency and higher throughput 
  3. Part 3: Running inference on your custom models 
  4. Part 4: Deploying the virtual assistant in the cloud 

While the blog instructions use GPU-powered cloud instances, these instructions will work for on-prem systems as well.

Build your virtual assistant today with these instructions.

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