Yi Dong

Yi Dong is a Deep Learning Solutions Architect at NVIDIA with a role to provide Financial Service Industry AI solutions. Yi gained his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine studying computational neuroscience. Yi has 10 years of working experience in computer software engineering, machine learning, and finance. Yi likes reading about the latest advancements in deep learning and applying them to solve Finance problems.

Posts by Yi Dong

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Accelerated Portfolio Construction with Numba and Dask in Python

Learn the power of Numba and Dask in Python for high performance portfolio construction. 8 MIN READ
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Training and Fine-tuning BERT Using NVIDIA NGC

Imagine an AI program that can understand language better than humans can. Imagine building your own personal Siri or Google Search for a customized domain or… 12 MIN READ
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Accelerating Python for Exotic Option Pricing

In finance, computation efficiency can be directly converted to trading profits sometimes. Quants are facing the challenges of trading off research efficiency… 25 MIN READ