Vibhu Jawa

Vibhu Jawa is a software engineer and data scientist on the RAPIDS team at NVIDIA, where his efforts are focused on building GPU-accelerated data science products. Prior to NVIDIA, Vibhu completed his M.S at Johns Hopkins where his research was focused on Natural Language Processing and building interpretable machine learning models for healthcare.

Posts by Vibhu Jawa

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Accelerating Sequential Python User-Defined Functions with RAPIDS on GPUs for 100X Speedups

Custom “row-by-row” processing logic (sometimes called sequential User-Defined Functions) is prevalent in ETL workflows. The sequential nature of UDFs makes… 3 MIN READ
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NLP and Text Processing with RAPIDS: Now Simpler and Faster

In this post, we will showcase performance improvements for string processing across cuDF and cuML, which enables acceleration across diverse text processing… 3 MIN READ
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Run State of the Art NLP Workloads at Scale with RAPIDS, HuggingFace, and Dask

This post explains how to leverage RAPIDS for feature engineering and string processing, HuggingFace for deep learning inference, and Dask for scaling out for… 6 MIN READ