Richmond Alake

Richmond Alake is a machine learning and computer vision engineer who works with various startups and companies to incorporate deep learning models to solve computer vision tasks within commercial applications. His involvement within the technology domain spans over five years, from building applications for large conglomerates to integrating AI technology within mobile applications. He's written over 100 articles with over a million views on AI and Machine Learning topics. Richmond believes in the robust application of machine learning to everyday problems and is currently heading several projects that leverage machine learning algorithms and deep learning models to solve ergonomic and social network-related issues.

Posts by Richmond Alake

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How to Read Research Papers: A Pragmatic Approach for ML Practitioners

This post presents a systematic approach to reading research papers, a useful skill for machine learning practitioners. 12 MIN READ
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Insertion Sort Explained–A Data Scientists Algorithm Guide

Learn a step-by-step breakdown of sorting algorithms—a fundamental tool used in data science. 7 MIN READ
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An Important Skill for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Practitioners

Read about the most important soft skill for ML practitioners and Data Scientists. 14 MIN READ
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AI Pioneers Write So Should Data Scientists

This post highlights the role of Data Scientist in producing AI related written content to be consumed by the public. 6 MIN READ