Juha Sjoholm

Juha is a software engineer with 15 years of experience in real-time graphics. He has worked with cutting-edge rendering technologies in various games, engines, and hardware benchmarks. Lately, he has been focused on the application of RTX ray tracing in games.

Posts by Juha Sjoholm

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Best Practices: Using NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing

This post gathers best practices based on our experiences so far on using NVIDIA RTX ray tracing in games. I’ve organized the tips into short… 23 MIN READ
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Creating Optimal Meshes for Ray Tracing

When you are creating triangle meshes for ray tracing or reusing meshes that have been successfully used in rasterization-based rendering… 11 MIN READ
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Parallel Shader Compilation for Ray Tracing Pipeline States

If ray tracing PSO creation time grows high in your application collection state objects can help distribute the work to mulitple concurrent threads. 3 MIN READ
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Effectively Integrating RTX Ray Tracing into a Real-Time Rendering Engine

RTX is NVIDIA's new platform for hybrid rendering, allowing the combination of rasterization and compute-based techniques with hardware-accelerated ray tracing… 21 MIN READ