Bartley Richardson

Bartley Richardson is the Engineering Manager of Morpheus at NVIDIA. He leads a cross-discipline team that researches GPU-accelerated ML and DL techniques and engineers new frameworks to address the cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Bartley was a technical lead and performer on multiple DARPA research projects, where he applied data science and machine learning algorithms at scale to solve large cybersecurity problems. He was also the principal investigator of an Internet of Things research project which focused on applying machine and deep learning techniques to large amounts of IoT data to provide intelligence value relating to form function, and pattern-of-life. His primary research areas involve NLP and sequence-based methods applied to cyber network datasets as well as cross-domain applications of machine and deep learning solutions to tackle the growing number of cybersecurity threats. Bartley holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering with a focus on loosely- and unstructured logical query optimization. His BS is in Computer Engineering with a concentration in software design and AI.

Posts by Bartley Richardson

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Enhancing Zero Trust Security with Data

This post discusses how a thoughtful cybersecurity team can structure a zero-trust system that keeps users and data safe, and maintain a seamless user experience. 5 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Launches Morpheus Early Access Program to Enable Advanced Cybersecurity Solution Development

NVIDIA Morpheus gives security teams complete visibility into security threats with unmatched AI processing and real-time monitoring to protect every server and screen every packet in the data center. 3 MIN READ
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Cybersecurity Framework: An Introduction to NVIDIA Morpheus

In this tutorial, we walk through the Morpheus pipeline and illustrate how to prepare a custom model for Morpheus. 11 MIN READ