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Adobe Adds ‘Shazam for Fonts’ Tool to Photoshop

Designers have thousands of fonts to choose from, but what do you when you see the perfect font on a building or on a flyer you found on the street? Photoshop is using artificial intelligence to help designers identify typefaces that they have seen elsewhere.
Revealed last year by Adobe researchers, DeepFont uses NVIDIA GPUs and deep learning to look at the curves and other characteristics of fonts used in the captured image and then compares it to a database of nearly 20,000 fonts to find similar fonts.
“My research background is in image recognition and artificial intelligence techniques like machine learning and deep learning,” said Hailin Jin, a principal scientist in Adobe Research, and creator of DeepFont.  “I wondered — can we apply the power of machine learning with the font manual to make a useful tool for designers?”

The tool will be available to users with a Creative Cloud subscription.

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